Monday, December 24, 2012

So, I Saw an Episode of Elementary

'Leviathan,' if anyone's curious, and other than a few opinions from my Ffnet friend and from the Ghostbees tumblr, this is my only experience thus far with this series.

Initial thoughts?

It's alright. I'd watch more of it. Pretty decent procedural. Not much in the way of action or excitement, for a change, which could be a boon or a bane depending on your tastes -- personally, I don't mind the slower pace. The mystery-of-the-week seemed to hold together fine, had a twist or two and a decently-handled red herring, no obvious plotholes, and was neither so easy that the viewer was yelling at the detectives nor so mystifying that the answer came out of left field, but even so it was far from perfect. There never seemed to be an emotional drive in the story -- this case didn't mean anything in particular to Sherlock or Watson, there was no reason to feel anything toward the client, and there was never an emotional connection to any of the potential (or real) antagonists, which means that the extremely sedate 'climax' of serving a court order to a man in an interrogation room had absolutely no impact. Two people were murdered in this episode and I never cared, because they weren't so much people as they were props.

Then again, this episode's mystery could have been taking a backseat, since there was a fairly strong subplot about Watson's relationship with her mother and brother, which lead into being about her relationship with Holmes. Those parts came across as a bit heavy-handed, but not bad -- I feel like I'd have to see more of her interactions before I can really judge them.

The real high point of the whole thing was Lucy Liu's Joan Watson, both in how she plays the character and in how the character is written. I love Lucy Liu and she does a great job here, both as Holmes' foil and as a character in her own right -- although she could stand to lighten up a bit. The 'sober companion' drug-counselor thing seemed a little weird at first, but as the episode played out and I gave it more thought, it actually made perfect sense as a take on Watson. Why not? He always did disapprove of Holmes' more self-destructive habits and made some effort towards taking care of the man, so why not take it a step further and just introduce him her in a caretaking role?

Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock, on the other hand...

Okay, when things got down to business, he played the role well. He's not abrasive like Cumberbatch or manic like Brett or petulant like RDJ, but he does bring a certain je ne sais quoi to the performance that I kind of like. Elementary's Sherlock is smart and not-quite-right, but his observation skills weren't underlined with fancy effects, he didn't feel the need to deride everyone around him for existing, and his social skills weren't too shabby -- in effect, the audience was never bludgeoned with HOMGQUIRKYGENIUS. He certainly doesn't have the sheer force of presence of the likes of Cumberbatch and Brett, but he's not a bad variation.

...When he's working. The episode, however, opened with Watson finding that he had not one, but two women (sisters, apparently) in his apartment in t-shirts and underwear, both very perky and more than happy to engage Watson in conversation. Sherlock later explained something about studying differences in identical genetic sources. I... the less I say about that the better, I think. I don't have a problem with a sexual Holmes, per se, even a heterosexual one, but... that whole scene was all sorts of surreal.

Although, even with a heterosexual Holmes and a female Watson, I didn't see a whole lot of subtext going on. Sure, there was plenty of fuel for the inclined shipper, but I never got the feeling of sexual tension added in just because the leads were of the opposite gender. Maybe there just wasn't as much in this episode. I wouldn't really mind if that sort of thing developed, but I kind of liked them interacting just as weird semi-friends.

Two further points, more on Jonny Lee Miller himself than on his portrayal: I was seriously thrown for a few seconds when he came on screen, because he looks a lot like BBC's Moriarty at first glance, and that was weird. This was not helped by him spending the entire episode with a layer of stubble, which is my second gripe. I'm slightly more okay with him having stubble than with RDJ, because at least here it's an explicit AU, but I'm more bothered by the fact that the stubbly look doesn't really suit Miller, and it's a shame because he looked to have some nice, boyish features that would show best with a clean shave.

So, yeah, that's my not-so-in-depth take on Elementary after having seen one episode in the midst of a season. Even if I wasn't planning on my Sherlock Showcase, I think I'd give this one more of a chance before I judged it too harshly. It's certainly got some potential.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

So I was in Italy, part three

Fixit notes on last couple entries: It's 'Castel Maggiore', with a 't', and the cat's name is spelt Emilia, not Amelia. Also, the last few entries are being updated with pictures where appropriate. I'll apply cuts in places so as to avoid loading issues.

Anywhoodles. I need to hurry it up so I can get to posting Bunraku fics, so let's see if I can get the rest of this in one go, and how obnoxiously long this entry gets as a result.

Obnoxiously long entry and a few pictures after the cut.

So, I'm moving soon, but...

It's starting to get a little nerve-wracking, realizing how little time I have left to finish things up at home here. I've only got one more day of work left, then another week before I have to have my bus tickets bought, and then two weeks and it's off into the wild blue yonder.

What makes it worse is that the validation deadlines at my school are coming up hard, and I haven't heard anything about my housing in about a month. Last I heard it was 'under review'.


Edit: And just a few hours after posting this I hear that it's finally gone through. Turns out I'll have somewhere to stay, after all!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Om Nom Turkey Heart

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! And a merry Thursday the 22nd to the rest of yas.

I swear, I have been working on my third Italy entry, despite being now over a month behind on it. Unfortunately, I have a longstanding relationship with losing focus and wandering away from projects, particularly when I have easy internet access and oh-so-distracting review shows (that reminds me, I still haven't gotten to this week's At4W...)

Oh, and fanfiction, too. I inflicted Bunraku on the boy not too long ago and remembered how fun Yoshi/Drifter is, so expect some Bunraku slash soon involving various levels of fluff and porn.

But there will be a conclusion to the Italian portion of the Incredibly Mundane Adventures of Cryptix! Eventually!

Anyhow, I need to go fix some candied sweet potatoes, so it's a short entry for now, I'm afraid.

Edited: Also, I'm cleaning up my tags a bit. 'News' and 'OOC' are going away for all but the oldest entries, and instead becoming 'Journal', because otherwise is rather silly.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So I'm in Italy, part deux

Deux is french, not italian, but 'part due' (doo-ay) just reads funny.

I intended to add more to my last entry, since I posted on Tuesday and had written all but a few words on Sunday, but by the time we'd hit the internet café I was tired and not thinking too clearly. I chalked it up to jet lag and possibly having spent part of the morning driving up in the mountains, so when we got back to the apartment I took a nap before dinner.

I woke up feeling a little off, a bit dizzy, little nauseous, and the feeling slowly worsened, until I was quite sure that no, that wasn't hunger pangs (my stomach is very, very annoying in that it likes to flash the 'SICK' flag when actually I'm just hungry), I was actually feeling sick. Mom promptly put on water for tea and then went to get me soup, which she stayed and made for me while Alex went out for dinner.

I felt better after curling up on the couch while the soup cooked, ate a couple bowls, and then headed off to bed. By morning I felt quite fine.

Still, suppose I should take this opportunity to talk a bit more about Italy. Cutting this entry for length, but no pictures, as Lucio doesn't want pictures of the baby on Facebook and I assume that extends to blogs as well. I don't blame him.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So I'm in Italy

So much for finishing talking about Montana before my next trip. The highlights of the last portion can be summarized as follows: Had breakfast at Perkins. Hung out in hotel lobby between checkout and bus trip watching To Boldly Flee and other net shows -- brief interruption when a random friendly dog ran into the lobby and was ushered back out. Trouble with the bus, stopped at Miles City and we played Musical Buses for a bit so our bus could take the short route back and get fixed up. Discovered most comfortable sleeping position was laying with front to back of seats, leaving me vulnerable to sudden brakes and whatnot, but whatevs. Brief but rather intense and unpleasant dream involving discovering that I had some kind of neurological condition. Adorable young les couple across the aisle from me. Got home, mobbed by cats, crashed for several hours.

Okay, that's not much of a summary, few too many extraneous details. Oh well. I thought they were important.

Anyway, onto more immediate subjects. (After the cut, since there are pictures now.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So I went to Montana: Part Hat

I had a dream yesterday that I ran into my friend Zach at something resembling a Con and was trying to convince him to watch some of the reviewers I follow. I chose what I think was an NC episode at random to convince him, only it turned out to be a boring episode (what is this blasphemy, subconscious?), so instead I looked for one that I knew was good: the Alone in the Dark triple-crossover review. Which then turned out to have been removed from all three sites for some unspecified copyright reasons.

That was a very distressing dream, and as soon as I woke up I tweeted Linkara about it. I then felt like a huge dork for doing so, but eh, I'm used to feeling like a dork in some measure.

Speaking of which, I may have figured out a new opening for the first chapter of MASQ, which also incorporates the dream imagery I wanted to use but couldn't work in before. This means nothing to anyone else, I realize, but it's a good thing for me and I felt like mentioning it, and it's my blog. So there.

Also, Gmail needs to get over its goddamn failed scripts, because it keeps dragging my browser to a standstill for ten minutes just to finally tell me that HEY A THING'S NOT WORKING. Well then STOP TRYING TO RUN IT. GODDAMNIT GMAIL YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS INCOMPETENT.

Grr. Anyway. More Montana stuff under the cut, though I doubt anyone cares anymore.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So I went to Montana: Part Three

I should probably finish talking about my last trip before I leave for my next one on Friday. Going to Italy to meet up with my mom and her husband and meet my new step-nephew. I'm sure I'll have plenty of long rambling stories from those two weeks.

Also I finally drew something new. I'll finish working the kinks out and then post it up here and maybe on dA, since I've a few things to say about it.

One last thing, because I found it funny: "This debate is mostly two men agreeing with each other angrily" -- Todd in the Shadows. This sort of thing makes me glad I joined Twitter.

Anyway, more mundane adventures in Montana after the cut.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

So I went to Montana: Part Two

Got up in reasonable time today, so I spent the morning cleaning and unearthing stuff, although I never did get around to giving Molly a bath. Not that I'm looking forward to attempting to bathe a fully clawed adult cat.

Among other things I unearthed the cover for the litterbox and moved the litterbox to an area that was more convenient and less of a visual or olfactory offense. The kittens haven't taken to the move just yet. Relatedly, kitten poop is distressingly pungent and very annoying to get out of carpet, and even more annoying to get off power cords and ethernet cables. >[

Anyway. Continuing the incredibly mundane adventures of Cryptix after the cut.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So I went to Montana

Last Wednesday, shortly after my 'so I should post more' entry, I boarded a Greyhound to go to Billings, Montana. I returned last Sunday. S'about time I whip up a blog post on the subject.

Since, as noted in my last post, this was a new experience for me in several regards, I kept a running log of events and initial impressions, which I hoped should refresh my memory later when I got around to... well, this.

I had a much more eloquent opening planned out in my head earlier. Bah.

In any case, long-winded story time after the cut.

Posting to post

Brief update.

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam Bar to catch a Bad September show. The opening band, Clocks and Clouds, was awesome -- instrumental, just three members, with a cello, violin, and drum set. Kind of awesome watching the cellist and violinist rock out while they played.

The second band was My God, The River, and... I don't know why I expected a band whose premise was 'the river is coming for us all' to be more upbeat, but I did. They turned out pretty dreary, with some weird tonal whiplash in some of their songs, and some dissonance between the instruments. Some seemed to enjoy it, but not to my tastes.

Bad September was awesome as expected. I'll be working on Sunday, their next scheduled show, but I'm recommending my friends in that direction.

Also I made a Twitter account. Once Case starts up again I'll post about updates there, and I might post updates when I post stories and whatnot in here, and otherwise I'm mostly using it to more easily stalk certain internet celebrities.

Monday, October 8, 2012

So I decided I should post here more often

It occurs to me, as I take my leave from various forum roleplays in order to focus on other things, and as I wonder who I will unload all my random thoughts and experiences upon, that I have a blog.

I should probably post in it more often.

For those what care:

Most of my fics are not dead, they are sleeping. I will pick them back up at some point when my focus swings back around their way.

'A Case of Identity' is not dead, it is merely on hiatus, as the computer that I do the images on has been taken over by my stepdad and kicking him off of it on a regular basis is just entirely too much work. Case will, however, be continuing sometime in January.

Related to the last point, I am moving to another state sometime in December, for schooling purposes. I'll be visiting the campus on Friday, and for this purpose am hopping a Greyhound on Wednesday.

This will be my first time traveling somewhere entirely unaccompanied. I'm excited. Since my mom remarried I've traveled alone plenty of times, but I've always met someone once I reach my destination -- usually my family, once my girlfriend's family because I was visiting DC with her. This time it'll be about two and a half days alone in an unfamiliar state. I'm a little trepidatious, naturally, but I'm looking forward to the experience.

It's always been on planes, too, so the Greyhound's another first.

Anyway. Also for those what care, I have in the works an intention to set up a Sherlock Holmes Retrospective/Review/Showcase type 'net show, tentatively to be launched sometime after I'm settled in at the new school. My goal is to find and talk about every piece of Holmesiana in existence, in roughly chronological order. Given that Holmes, since his inception, has become one of the most prolific figures in our modern pantheon, I expect I'll have quite a job -- and I intend to have a lot of fun with it. :3

The show is tentatively called 'However Improbable', but that's a tad obvious, so I'm open to suggestions.

In the meantime, I have two new cats I need to see to, and a bunch of preparations I need to do tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HPN: Good Morning, Sunshine

Fandom: Half Past Now Roleplay
Summary: A Natina drabble. Lina feeds the birds.
Rated: General
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Post-evil-plot, but no particular spoilers.
A/N: This is meant to be subtle, but it seemed to barely register with the people I was actually playing with who knew all the backstory and characterization, so don't be alarmed if you're mystified.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So I've Noticed a Trend

A lot of webcomics these days have gay characters. This is unsurprising, given that webcomics often like to tackle social issues and/or provide fanservice and/or serve as author appeal. In my long career as a webcomic connoisseur, I've found that there's a trend in these gay characters.

Quite simply: The first (or first major) outed character of a male author tends to be a girl. The first (or first major) outed character of a female author tends to be a guy.

This trend may also exist in other forms of media, but it's easier to see in webcomics because one can often observe the full evolution of the author.

The freshest examples off the top of my head are from The Walkyverse (male author, first gay 'Daisy' from 'It's Walky') and DMFA (female author, first gay 'Jyrras'). I'm pretty sure Nanase from El Goonish Shive counts, but Justin may have come first. There've been more over the years, but I've lost track of them. I shall have to remedy that at some point when I have time to hunt them down because I'm not supposed to be studying.

The obvious conclusion to draw from all this is that my first non-fanfic published work needs to have an outed lesbian.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

So, Todd is a Weaver

I tend to fangirl over things that have small (if not nonexistent) fanbases, and/or which my real-world friends don't even know exist and are resistant to learn about. This makes it very frustrating when I hit upon fanon revelations and want to share them.

Then I remember that I have a blog, and what else is a blog for if not for bringing pointless shit to the attention of whoever happens to stumble across it?

Anyway, today's topic concerns the That Guy With The Glasses site, specifically one reviewer known as 'Todd in the Shadows'. He does mainly pop-music reviews and other music-related things. His shtick is that, unlike other reviewers who actually, you know, face the camera, he sits perpendicular and keeps his face entirely in shadow. He also plays the keyboard. When forced in front of a camera elsewhere, like in the various crossovers, he wears a mask that hides the top half of his face, including his eyes. He usually wears a hoodie with the hood up.

Now, recently, I began reminiscing about the LucasArts game 'Loom'. It was a pretty great game, all around, though I didn't really like the ending -- kind of a downer. Anyhow, it's been awhile since I've played, but I remember a lot of it very clearly. I remember that the main character is a kid called Bobbin Threadbare, a member of a group (a 'guild') called the Weavers. They all wear hoods that, other than their eyes, obscure their faces entirely. This is a good thing because, as we later find out, seeing a Weaver's face apparently kills you. Painfully. Bobbin carries a staff that allows him to cast magic spells that consist of particular four-note arrangements.

Wait a moment. Constantly obscured face? Hood? Works with music?

But wait! The Weavers show their eyes and not the rest of their faces, and in public Todd only hides the top half of his face, including his eyes, right?

Well, that's another thing. See, if you search up some of the close-up shots of the Weavers, you do see their eyes -- and see that they have blue sclera. Naturally, this would tend to stand out. For whatever reason, Todd is trying to hide his Weaver identity, and those blue-tinted whites would be a dead giveaway.

As for showing the bottom half of his face, well, that's just to throw us off the trail. He somehow discovered that the nose down doesn't kill people, and so to further confuse his enemies, left them uncovered.

It's a tenuous connection, to be sure. Further investigation, however hazardous, will be necessary before a definite conclusion can be made. For the time being, though...

I'm on to you, Todd. 

Update: As of To Boldly Flee, Todd's unmasked face was exposed to both Obscurus Lupa and the borg'd-up Nostalgia Chick. While Lupa exhibited no ill effects, the Chick exhibited a strong negative reaction that caused her to un-borg. Despite this reaction, since neither of them died, this would seem to negate the Weaver theory.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Project

I mentioned this in an older post, but finally decided to go through with it over my last break:

'A Case of Identity', as explained in a couple places in that link, is an adventure game that I'll be working on in my free time as a de-stressing agent. Anyone who happens to be watching this blog is encouraged to head over there and maybe kick off participation. If not, well, I'll BS stuff to post until I find someone I can browbeat into playing.

Hopefully, it'll be as fun for other folk as it will be for me.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I am so completely confused right now.

Why is there a link to Triangle on a site called 'kidsbelief'? Who, according to their 'about us', 'provide links, with summaries, to articles from great sites across the web that are related to Bible stories for kids.'

What makes it even better is that the link is from when the fic was still called 'Kidnapping, Murder, and Amnesia'. Pfft.

Somebody must have been trolling. That's all I can figure.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

BWOC: No Consequences

Fandom: Big Wolf on Campus
Summary: A short missing scene from episode 1x14, 'Time and Again'. Merton uses the watch to do something he's always wanted. Slash.
Rated: General
Word Count: 625
Disclaimer: BWOC and related characters do not belong to me, etc etc.
Warnings: Un-beta'd.

So, Molly and John Need to Get Married Immediately

(Cross-posted from my dA, like all my stories are cross-posted from FFnet.)

Well, maybe not immediately, but definitely after whatever BBC does for EMPT.

"What's this?" certain readers cry. "The Slash-hound supports a Het pairing?"

Actually, there's several I support, but I can see where this would come as a shock, considering that there's maybe three het-ships among my long, long shipping list.

Lately, however, I've been considering, and even with all the fun ship-teasing that goes on in the show... Sherlock, at least the BBC version, is really written to be asexual. And I honestly believe John when he insists he's straight -- maybe more of a Kinsey 1 than a 0, and he might be open to some experimentation down the line, but, physically, attracted largely to women. And you know what? Both of those are completely okay, and oddly enough, still fit completely into my fanon. Because Shwatsonlock, no matter the incarnation, is about far more than mere sexuality -- it's about the commitment and the intimacy, about the Companionate Love that I would challenge any fan to deny that they have for each other. (Except in adaptations that completely miss the point, like the Roxburg HOUN.) So, there's that.

Then there's Molly. I've been a Molly fangirl since shortly after seeing Great Game, after a random picture on dA made me consider her character a little deeper and realize that she isn't just a reflection of the horde of fawning Sherlockian fangirls -- she had the potential to be really amazing, if only she was given the chance. Thereafter, Molly getting her 'Let's Get Dangerous' moment became something of a theme in several of my (yet-unfinished) stories. (Validation for this Molly-fangirling has come with 2x03, The Reichenbach Fall. Hell to the yes. <3 )

Anyway, get to the point, right? What does all that have to do with Molly and John getting married?

Well, as a few people might be aware, my main ship in Holmes fandom (focusing on Canon and Granada) is Shwatstrade -- Holmes/Watson/Lestrade. Oddly enough, it's the concept of a similar dynamic that leads me to ship John/Molly.

Simply put: Both of them would understand that Sherlock comes first. John and Molly both are heavily emotionally invested in a man who is virtually guaranteed to never feel romantically inclined towards either of them -- and this is a problem, because this emotional investment colours and disrupts all their other relationships. Neither of them can manage to carry on a relationship with anyone else because they're too ready to drop everything and run to Sherlock's side the moment he needs them. Sure, they'll put up some arguments, but in the end, Sherlock trumps.

Additionally, although Sherlock may be asexual (or at least, in other adaptations -- and in my Shwatstrade stuff -- possessing of a very unobtrusive libido), it's obvious that he feels very protective of those few he becomes close to, and even (subtly in canon and less subtly in certain adaptations) feels very jealous and possessive of them. This was a point of serious contention when it came to Watson/Mary, and when it comes to Watstrade and Shwatstrade interpretations. However, since he, in all likelihood, files both John and Molly loosely under 'Mine', and since he clearly trusts them both, he's unlikely to feel threatened by their marriage, as he might if either (particularly John) somehow managed a serious relationship with anyone else.

So, yes, it would not be marriage of romance or passion; it would be a marriage of practicality, comfort, and companionship. Considering how many 'romantic' marriages end in divorce, I don't feel particularly bad about suggesting one that isn't very romantic.

As to compatibility, since that's kind of important in a marriage, John and Molly are both very nice, very sweet, very intelligent people with mediator streaks, who already have a history of friendship; both are medical professionals but in different fields, so they have further common ground but probably wouldn't have rivalry issues; neither, as far as I am aware, have any odious personal habits that couldn't be worked around. Molly has Toby, but John hasn't displayed any distaste for cats in general (the Sphinx doesn't count, even some cat people think they're creepy). Sexual compatibility may or may not be an issue -- Ultimately, I don't think they'd be particularly passionate, but without that pressure, I can see them becoming very comfortable and even playful in bed. The best thing would probably be to keep it an open marriage, of course, so that sexual compatibility can be found elsewhere, but both of them strike me as very monogamous, so I consider this unlikely. (Well, monogamous until such time as Sherlock expresses interest one way or another, at which point all bets would be completely off.)

Jealousy over Sherlock's attentions would, of course, be the major source of contention for this pairing. Optimistically speaking, I think both John and Molly would be able to work around that (perhaps even with Sherlock's help, if he manages to clue in to their emotional well-being), but it would probably be the basis for most of their fights.

I'm undecided on whether they would be more likely to try and get their own place, to just move Molly into John's room in Baker Street, or to get a larger place for both of them and Sherlock. I'm leaning towards Baker Street, even if it would be a tight fit, but that's just because the possibility of them leaving behind either Sherlock or Mrs. Hudson just seems wrong.


Edit: After some consideration, Molly and John should fix up and move into 221C. That gets rid of the issues of leaving behind either Sherlock or Mrs. Hudson, but allows them the space to set up a home and family (and to keep Toby) without all of Sherlock's experiments and weirdness being directly in the way. (Also Toby + Sherlock's experiments just seems like a bad combination.)

Edit2: So apparently 'Molly' is actually a pet-name version of Mary. BRB squeeing forever.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BBC Sherlock: Norbury

Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Summary: There came a buzz from Mycroft's phone. The number was unlisted. His screen said: 'Keep Calm and Stop Antagonizing Molly'.
Characters: Molly, Mycroft
Rated: K/General
Word Count: 670
Disclaimer: Characters belong to ACD, Gatiss/Moffat/BBC, not me.
Warnings: Post-Reichenbach Fall, so Spoilers.