Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So I went to Montana

Last Wednesday, shortly after my 'so I should post more' entry, I boarded a Greyhound to go to Billings, Montana. I returned last Sunday. S'about time I whip up a blog post on the subject.

Since, as noted in my last post, this was a new experience for me in several regards, I kept a running log of events and initial impressions, which I hoped should refresh my memory later when I got around to... well, this.

I had a much more eloquent opening planned out in my head earlier. Bah.

In any case, long-winded story time after the cut.

Before the Bus

I made sure to pack everything Tuesday night, other than the stuff that required refrigeration or that I needed to be charged -- note to self, get around to getting a new secondary power cord, already! -- and ended up with two bags and a purse. As per usual, my carry-on bag weighed more than my checked bag, as my checked bag was just four outfits and my toiletries/jewelry bag, whereas my carry-on had my laptop, charger cord, sketchbook, the maps RMC sent me, a book, no less than seven DVD cases and two CD cases, foodstuffs (including Bacon Jerky and Garlic Triscuits), a bottle of Mtn Dew (which is still a silly abbreviation), a bottle of Powerade, and my two 'travel kitty' plushies.

Yes, I am twenty-one years old and still sleep with stuffed animals. Mostly cats.

I picked up my tickets before noon, because for some reason you're supposed to do that. I don't know, I probably could have picked them up when I got on the bus, but I wasn't about to risk anything on my first run.

Since the bus wasn't supposed to leave until 7, I had dinner at home, and despite setting up the grill and starting the pork chops early, they took forever to actually get done. I would've been alright with them less well-done, but my stepdad has a thing about underdone pork chops. I kept putting them back on for a few minutes more and a few minutes more, getting frustrated because it was getting later and I wanted to be at the station well before boarding time. After a bit the dad came out and checked -- turned out the lower vent was closed and it was preventing the coals from breathing properly.

So, that was terribly annoying. I did watch part of Coriolanus during dinner, though. Kinda so-so.

And now I have a plate of homemade wings and the rest of the Russell Crowe 'Robin Hood' to get to, so I will continue this later.

To come: Running log, outlet frustration, Great Mouse Detective, fax machines, cool bus drivers, campus visits, ironic hat purchases, and a surprising lack of cable cartoons or forensics shows.

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