Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So I've Noticed a Trend

A lot of webcomics these days have gay characters. This is unsurprising, given that webcomics often like to tackle social issues and/or provide fanservice and/or serve as author appeal. In my long career as a webcomic connoisseur, I've found that there's a trend in these gay characters.

Quite simply: The first (or first major) outed character of a male author tends to be a girl. The first (or first major) outed character of a female author tends to be a guy.

This trend may also exist in other forms of media, but it's easier to see in webcomics because one can often observe the full evolution of the author.

The freshest examples off the top of my head are from The Walkyverse (male author, first gay 'Daisy' from 'It's Walky') and DMFA (female author, first gay 'Jyrras'). I'm pretty sure Nanase from El Goonish Shive counts, but Justin may have come first. There've been more over the years, but I've lost track of them. I shall have to remedy that at some point when I have time to hunt them down because I'm not supposed to be studying.

The obvious conclusion to draw from all this is that my first non-fanfic published work needs to have an outed lesbian.

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