Thursday, November 22, 2012

Om Nom Turkey Heart

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! And a merry Thursday the 22nd to the rest of yas.

I swear, I have been working on my third Italy entry, despite being now over a month behind on it. Unfortunately, I have a longstanding relationship with losing focus and wandering away from projects, particularly when I have easy internet access and oh-so-distracting review shows (that reminds me, I still haven't gotten to this week's At4W...)

Oh, and fanfiction, too. I inflicted Bunraku on the boy not too long ago and remembered how fun Yoshi/Drifter is, so expect some Bunraku slash soon involving various levels of fluff and porn.

But there will be a conclusion to the Italian portion of the Incredibly Mundane Adventures of Cryptix! Eventually!

Anyhow, I need to go fix some candied sweet potatoes, so it's a short entry for now, I'm afraid.

Edited: Also, I'm cleaning up my tags a bit. 'News' and 'OOC' are going away for all but the oldest entries, and instead becoming 'Journal', because otherwise is rather silly.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So I'm in Italy, part deux

Deux is french, not italian, but 'part due' (doo-ay) just reads funny.

I intended to add more to my last entry, since I posted on Tuesday and had written all but a few words on Sunday, but by the time we'd hit the internet café I was tired and not thinking too clearly. I chalked it up to jet lag and possibly having spent part of the morning driving up in the mountains, so when we got back to the apartment I took a nap before dinner.

I woke up feeling a little off, a bit dizzy, little nauseous, and the feeling slowly worsened, until I was quite sure that no, that wasn't hunger pangs (my stomach is very, very annoying in that it likes to flash the 'SICK' flag when actually I'm just hungry), I was actually feeling sick. Mom promptly put on water for tea and then went to get me soup, which she stayed and made for me while Alex went out for dinner.

I felt better after curling up on the couch while the soup cooked, ate a couple bowls, and then headed off to bed. By morning I felt quite fine.

Still, suppose I should take this opportunity to talk a bit more about Italy. Cutting this entry for length, but no pictures, as Lucio doesn't want pictures of the baby on Facebook and I assume that extends to blogs as well. I don't blame him.