Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Posting to post

Brief update.

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam Bar to catch a Bad September show. The opening band, Clocks and Clouds, was awesome -- instrumental, just three members, with a cello, violin, and drum set. Kind of awesome watching the cellist and violinist rock out while they played.

The second band was My God, The River, and... I don't know why I expected a band whose premise was 'the river is coming for us all' to be more upbeat, but I did. They turned out pretty dreary, with some weird tonal whiplash in some of their songs, and some dissonance between the instruments. Some seemed to enjoy it, but not to my tastes.

Bad September was awesome as expected. I'll be working on Sunday, their next scheduled show, but I'm recommending my friends in that direction.

Also I made a Twitter account. Once Case starts up again I'll post about updates there, and I might post updates when I post stories and whatnot in here, and otherwise I'm mostly using it to more easily stalk certain internet celebrities.

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