Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So I've Noticed a Trend

A lot of webcomics these days have gay characters. This is unsurprising, given that webcomics often like to tackle social issues and/or provide fanservice and/or serve as author appeal. In my long career as a webcomic connoisseur, I've found that there's a trend in these gay characters.

Quite simply: The first (or first major) outed character of a male author tends to be a girl. The first (or first major) outed character of a female author tends to be a guy.

This trend may also exist in other forms of media, but it's easier to see in webcomics because one can often observe the full evolution of the author.

The freshest examples off the top of my head are from The Walkyverse (male author, first gay 'Daisy' from 'It's Walky') and DMFA (female author, first gay 'Jyrras'). I'm pretty sure Nanase from El Goonish Shive counts, but Justin may have come first. There've been more over the years, but I've lost track of them. I shall have to remedy that at some point when I have time to hunt them down because I'm not supposed to be studying.

The obvious conclusion to draw from all this is that my first non-fanfic published work needs to have an outed lesbian.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

So, Todd is a Weaver

I tend to fangirl over things that have small (if not nonexistent) fanbases, and/or which my real-world friends don't even know exist and are resistant to learn about. This makes it very frustrating when I hit upon fanon revelations and want to share them.

Then I remember that I have a blog, and what else is a blog for if not for bringing pointless shit to the attention of whoever happens to stumble across it?

Anyway, today's topic concerns the That Guy With The Glasses site, specifically one reviewer known as 'Todd in the Shadows'. He does mainly pop-music reviews and other music-related things. His shtick is that, unlike other reviewers who actually, you know, face the camera, he sits perpendicular and keeps his face entirely in shadow. He also plays the keyboard. When forced in front of a camera elsewhere, like in the various crossovers, he wears a mask that hides the top half of his face, including his eyes. He usually wears a hoodie with the hood up.

Now, recently, I began reminiscing about the LucasArts game 'Loom'. It was a pretty great game, all around, though I didn't really like the ending -- kind of a downer. Anyhow, it's been awhile since I've played, but I remember a lot of it very clearly. I remember that the main character is a kid called Bobbin Threadbare, a member of a group (a 'guild') called the Weavers. They all wear hoods that, other than their eyes, obscure their faces entirely. This is a good thing because, as we later find out, seeing a Weaver's face apparently kills you. Painfully. Bobbin carries a staff that allows him to cast magic spells that consist of particular four-note arrangements.

Wait a moment. Constantly obscured face? Hood? Works with music?

But wait! The Weavers show their eyes and not the rest of their faces, and in public Todd only hides the top half of his face, including his eyes, right?

Well, that's another thing. See, if you search up some of the close-up shots of the Weavers, you do see their eyes -- and see that they have blue sclera. Naturally, this would tend to stand out. For whatever reason, Todd is trying to hide his Weaver identity, and those blue-tinted whites would be a dead giveaway.

As for showing the bottom half of his face, well, that's just to throw us off the trail. He somehow discovered that the nose down doesn't kill people, and so to further confuse his enemies, left them uncovered.

It's a tenuous connection, to be sure. Further investigation, however hazardous, will be necessary before a definite conclusion can be made. For the time being, though...

I'm on to you, Todd. 

Update: As of To Boldly Flee, Todd's unmasked face was exposed to both Obscurus Lupa and the borg'd-up Nostalgia Chick. While Lupa exhibited no ill effects, the Chick exhibited a strong negative reaction that caused her to un-borg. Despite this reaction, since neither of them died, this would seem to negate the Weaver theory.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Project

I mentioned this in an older post, but finally decided to go through with it over my last break:


'A Case of Identity', as explained in a couple places in that link, is an adventure game that I'll be working on in my free time as a de-stressing agent. Anyone who happens to be watching this blog is encouraged to head over there and maybe kick off participation. If not, well, I'll BS stuff to post until I find someone I can browbeat into playing.

Hopefully, it'll be as fun for other folk as it will be for me.