Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OOC: Pages! Well, Page.

Off to the right there, some more observant readers might notice, there's a little something new. It's not particularly ostentatious, though, so I thought I'd highlight it: There is now an 'About the Characters' page. At present, it contains a fairly short profile of John.

I know that, as the author, I'm wont to lose track of what information I've given to the audience and what I haven't. So do please give it a look, and consider: What do you want to know that isn't there? What information seems superfluous? Do you want to know more or less about his stats, about the other players/characters, or his personality and/or background?

Edit as of 22 November 2012: Since this is no longer a blog about John's exploits in gaming, I'm removing the Page, so I'll just copy-pasta the one profile down below the cut here.

Name: John S. Renfield, Esq.
Setting: World of Darkness (White Wolf)
Group: Cori (DM), Travis (Lance DuBois) (Craig Featherstone), Sasha (Carmen), Keith (Cyrelle Wishnov)
Meets: Wednesdays from noon til whenever.
Age: 21
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride
Faction: Science!
Strengths: Intellect, Wits, and Composure
Weaknesses: Resolve, Strength, and Presence
Main Skill: Investigation
Occupation: College student majoring in Forensic Science; Amateur Detective
Family: Mother, Father, Older Sister (Mina I.), Younger Brother (Aaron M.)
Status: Single
Hobbies: Observation, Investigation, Reading, Chemistry
Height: Just over 6'
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Favorite Colour: Grey
Fun Facts: Drives a silver 150cc SlingShot moped.
His middle name is 'Sherlock'. This has, of course, had absolutely no impact on his life choices.
He was born and raised in Minnesota and never stepped foot out of the country. This hasn't stopped him from being a britfag metrosexual with victorian fashion sensibilities.
'Esquire' isn't actually a title. It's a fancy british way of saying that a person has no title. Or that they're a lawyer.
Has a prescription for Adderall and a contact in the med school that supplies him with cocaine.
For most of his life he had no use for nor real knowledge of the occult. Recent events have caused him to rethink this stance.
I have no idea of his actual sexuality, and thus have defaulted to 'bi'. He has yet to inform me of any attractions.
Quote: "Supernatural is a misnomer. It either occurs in nature or it doesn't."
It is important to note that John is an Unreliable Narrator. While he will try and convey the facts as clearly as possible, he does not have infallible memory, and is prone to spinning events in order to make himself look good -- yes, even into his own private journal. It is entirely possible that he actually believes these blatant lies creative retellings.

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