Tuesday, October 5, 2010

John S. Renfield: Day Three, Continued

Excerpt from the Casebook of John S. Renfield, Esq.

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010
Conditions: Cool, cloudy

Job: Contracted to locate and return stolen two stolen jewels.

    Client: Mr. Edgar Windsor

    Description of items: The 'Imperial Jewels': a 'Quartz Heart', 'Rose Helix'

    Last seen: In secure display case over counter of 'Edgar's Antique Jewels'. Supposedly stolen late at night two days ago.

    Description of crime scene: Neither door appeared forced. Main window broken from the inside, glass was not cleaned up well. Display case glass was shattered, despite being two-inch bulletproof glass; remainder felt unusually cold to the touch; edges were straight rather than angled, as if from a laser cutter. No marks on material around or under glass. Nothing else appeared to be missing. Other notable features of store include locked trapdoor and bookshelf containing 'History of the World' volumes 1-6, both in back room.

    Fee: $1200 per day plus expenses, $100,000 reward upon return of jewels. To be divvied between partners. See Note below.

    Course of action: Unknown

    Note: Been roped into working with partners on this case, one 'detective' Lance DuBois and his techie Carmen -- gave no last name. Must inquire as to name of their agency. See index.

    Note 2: Signed contract in blood.


4:40 PM: Contract signed.

5:10 PM: Knight Templar appears at the home/base for DuBois' agency, offers to pay double for the stones. Leaves contact information: phone number. See Index entry: Knights Templar.

5:30 PM: Carmen researches client and specifics of contract. See Index.

6:30 PM: Investigate house that Blood Star was in. Find demolitions crew setting up. Expense of $300 in obtaining 15 minutes inside. Find boxes of information in attic. Take a good sampling of photo albums and papers, plus a diary and a notebook.

7:00 PM: Further expense of $300. Foreman says it's a rush job paid for by the city.

8:00 PM: Read diary. See Journal. Don't know if it'll be of use yet.


  1. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  2. Typo, it was 1200 per day, not hour.
    otherwise awesome

  3. Hour would be slightly extreme yes, but rather awesome.

  4. That *would* be awesome, but I don't think we've quite earned it. Our time isn't quite worth $400 an hour each. Not yet, at least...


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