Friday, October 1, 2010

John S. Renfield: Day One

Excerpt from the Casebook of John S. Renfield, Esq. 

Date: Monday, Sept. 27th, 2010
Conditions: Cold, dry, clear skies

Job: Contracted by one Mrs. Amelia Banks to locate missing feline.

        Name: Buttons.

        Description: Small purebred American Shorthair, white with orange tabby stripes along back, blue eyes, pink tiger-print collar with tags (see attached flier).

        Last seen: Three days ago in backyard.

        Behavior: Outdoor cat, but always comes home at night. Friendly. Unlikely to attack.

        Fee: Standard, plus $30 finder's fee.

        Course of action: Observation of surrounding block, inquire of neighbors.

        Note: Mrs. Banks has already put up 'missing' fliers, see attachment.


10:30 AM: Begin search.

12:00 PM: Neighbor three doors down, Mrs. Linda Hamilton, reports seeing the wayward feline yesterday while driving home from supermarket. Now have a definite direction of travel.

1:15 PM: Found collar, broken on edge of fence four blocks from origin. Further inquiries pending.

5:00 PM: Personal note: Tracking cats is a pain and a half.

9:00 PM: Found the cat. It's dead. More later.

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